Anaemia affects about one-third of the world’s population. Of these people, approximately half of them have iron deficiency. The staggering number of people stricken with anaemia is a global health concern due to how it affects maternal and child mortality and its impact on the physical performance of affected individuals. Anaemia causes general weakness which directly increases the number of visits people make to health-care professionals. Categories of people at a higher risk of anaemia are children aged 0-5 years, women of childbearing age and pregnant women. The first-line therapy of anaemia is usually oral iron intake, but most iron supplements would leave a bad metallic taste, has poor absorption into the body and would cause constipation.



Powerlife Iron Pyrophosphate Plus features a combination of LIPOFER® iron pyrophosphate, vitamin C, vitamin B, copper & folic acid. LIPOFER® is a high bioavailability, tasteless, non-prooxidative and non-irritable innovative delivery system. LIPOFER® is 3.5 times more bioavailable than Ferric pyrophosphate and 2.7 times than Ferrous sulfate; iron absorption via this delivery system is 5 times higher compared to traditional iron salts. LIPOFER® shows significant improvement after 4 week of consumption and 80% improvement after 16 weeks of consumption.

  • Boost blood volume and red blood cell production

  • Strengthening immune system

  • Better physical performance



Iron Pyrophosphate 240mg (Equiv. to 18.72mg iron)

Folic Acid 780mcg

Copper 980mcg

Vitamin B12 15mcg

Vitamin B1 14.78mg

Vitamin C 20mg



Take 1 vegetable capsule once daily before meal

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