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Optiglo Kids


According to the American Optometric Association, 1 in 4 school children in the classroom have undetected vision problems. The most prominent factor lead to this problem would be the increased hours spent on 3C products such as computer, mobile phone and television. This could impair children’s learning because up to 80% of their learning is through vision.


One’s normal visual development is rapid during the first six months of life, then continued through the first decade. As the visual system of young children is not fully developed yet, sitting for hours in front of a computer screen put on more stresses and can strain their eyes a lot more than reading a book. Thus, providing strong antioxidants and essential nutrients needed can sharpen their vision.

Optiglo Kids


Powerlife Optiglo Kids is specially formulated with powerful antioxidants and all essential nutrients needed for development of sharper vision in children. It contains a unique blend of astaxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin, algal oil (DHA), zinc and copper to support healthy eyes.


Enzyme 2.0TM Blackzyme is the three-stage fermentation process of blackcurrant, black sesame seeds and black prunes, which greatly increased the antioxidant capacity by 20%. These ingredients are rich in anthocyanins, and able reduce blue light induced through screens. On top of that, Double Nutri is a nano emulsifying technology that can further enhance the absorption of nutrients by 5 times.




  • Rich in anthocyanins, anti blue light from screens

  • Powerful antioxidants to support and improve eye health

  • Prevent dry eye syndrome

  • Protect against oxidation of retinal tissues


Haematococcus Pluvialis (contains Astaxanthin 1mg)

Lutein 10mg

Zeaxanthin 2mg


Take 1 liquid sachet per day